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“Halal ” A benchmark of certified quality products

“Halal ” A benchmark of certified quality products
·         A drive to create awareness for  the real meaning of “Halal”
·         Haji Shakeel Qureshi, Entrepreneur, Exporter & socialist supports the campaign
·          “Halal”  certification mandatory in international markets .


J & K , June 29th , 2016:   Haji Shakeel Qureshi , India's renowned entrepreneur,   exporter and socialist supported  a campaign to  create awareness amongst the people about the “Halal” certification.
International Standards are backbone of our society , ensuring the safety and quality of products and services, facilitating international trade and improving the environment in which we live in.
Labelling prevent deception and help consumers make welfare-maximizing choices. A consumer can get the most only if he/ she has accurate information about the foods under consideration. Accordingly, the goal of label information is to help consumers identify the food products that best match their preferences, thus helping consumers spend wisely.

 Mr Haji Shakeel Qureshi said, “ We all are quite familiar with word “Halal” but our knowledge of this word is very shallow..Very few of us are aware of real sense of this word. Most of us relate Halal to Halal Meat but  It is just one small aspect of Halal .

 Halal is an Arabic word which means permitted, lawful with respect to which no restriction exists. The word Halal has a broader meaning which actually means whatever one does should comply with ethical means. Whatever one earns , sells , consumes or trade should be done with honesty , clear thoughts and always abstain from dishonesty and cheating.
Mr. Haji Shakeel Qureshi  further added ,”There is very less awareness that " Halal" is an international certification of standard of assurance of quality and  purity which is globally accepted. In  Gulf countries” Halal” mark is mandatory for all export products and is a benchmark for quality .Halal Certification opens up opportunity to tap global food market of about 2 billion people (Middle East , Asia Pacific, EU, USA, Central Asia ).
 India  is a fast growing economy ,awareness about Halal quality standards can give opportunity to many upcoming entrepreneurs to export their products abroad .
Never the less with growing export from our country we should also make Halal Mark mandatory on our products so that we are able to export our FMCG segment internationally with ease.
He emphasised  that,” Today knowingly or unknowingly we are becoming slaves of materialistic world where we compromise with our ethics. Halal sets a direction for our life . The real meaning of this term should be made understood to all . Leading a pious life and following Halal in our day to day life will not only help us to become a good human being but also help in upliftment of society as a whole.

About Haji Shakeel Qureshi:

Mr Haji  Shakeel Qureshi is  Chairman of Marya Day group. He began his business in 2003 with  frozen  agri inputs and equipments and today he stands with plus 1600 cr worth business . He is conferred with many prestigious awards which includes Best Entreprnuer and best Exporter Award by Government. A man with golden heart  is well known businessman and exporter in India. He believes in making a person self reliant.  Marya Day group  under his flagship is supporting “ Adhunik Vishkarma” campaign under Government of India’s “ Skill India “ initiative which has  trained about 1500 masons till date under guidance of IIT and government experts and further targeting 5000 more.  
He is serving the industry as well as society and is  working for the empowerment of women and child education.
Owing to his achievements Mr Haji Shakeel Qureshi  has also featured in international book  " Inspiring stories of successful personalities of India"

.For further information please contact:
Vinay Sharma
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Friday, April 22, 2016

MILKFED to put up kiosks at IOCL outlets Signed an MOA with IOCL for the same

________, 3rd March 2016: MILKFED today signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to put up ‘Verka’ kiosks at the selected Retail Outlets of IOCL. Oil Corporation Limited has retail outlets at various locations to market the petroleum products and to provide value added services to the customers. Now these customers can enjoy healthy and tasty products of Verka at the IOCL outlets while they fill their vehicles’ tanks.

Milkfed always strives to bring the best of its products to the consumers. They always look out for new avenues to reach the consumer. With this agreement the favourite verka products will be readily available at the IOCL outlets.
Speaking on the occasionMr. Amarjit Singh Sidhu, Chairman, MILKFED. said “Verka is an admired brand of milk products amongst the customers. We are always looking for engagements points to serve our customers better. By collaborating with IOCL  we will be able to deliver the best of our products to the consumers more conveniently. This association will provide us an opportunity to tap on the large consumer base of IOCL and expand our footprints across the region. It was also provide employment opportunities to local youth.”  
“Verka is the leading dairy brand in the region.  It is our pleasure to associate with Verka to provide our customers healthy, tasty and superior quality productsat our outlets.“ said Mr. P.K.Das, Executive Director, Punjab State office, Indian Oil Corporation.
IOCL has about 2200 retail outlets in 3 states of Punjab, HP and JK. Verka products will be available at selected outlets.

About Verka
The brand ‘Verka’ derives its name from the first modern dairy established in North India by Government of Punjab at Amritsar in the village named Verka in 1963. Under Operation Flood, consequent to the establishment of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1966 and replication of the three tier cooperative set up in the dairy sector (based on “Anand Patern”), the Punjab State Milk Producers’ Federation was established in 1973 as the apex dairy cooperative converting the existing dairies at Amritsar, Ludhiana and Mohali into Cooperative Milk Unions marketing the brand ‘Verka’.
Verka has a wide range of products including different variants of Pasteurized Packed milk, Ghee, Table Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Cheese, Tetra Pack Products, Sweetened Flavored Milk, Ice Cream, Fresh Products like Lassi, Paneer, Dahi, Kheer, Indigenous Sweets. The products are available in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir and Northeast India. Verka also exports ghee to countries like Middle east, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Mumbai team ‘R FACTOR’ gets ready to represents India at ‘First Robotic Competition 2016’

Mumbai, 16th March 2016: A very talented team from Mumbai is all set to participate in this year’s ‘First Robotic Competition (FRC)’ which will be held on 17th March at the Sydney Olympic Park, Australia. It is the very first time that a rookie team from India has qualified to be a part of this competition.

The Indian team ‘R FACTOR’, sponsored by The Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation, Parle-G, Juliet and Challenge, has 16 boys and girls aged 14 to 17 years from Mumbai schools (Dhirubhai Ambani, Jamnabai Narsee International School, Ecole Mondiale World School and others). They are being mentored by Mrs. Asha Sundararajan of Childrens Technology Workshop in Juhu. The competition is a culmination of six weeks of teamwork that includes designing, building and programming robots to enter the event.

Combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology, First Robotic Competition is said to be the biggest robot building contest with nearly 50 teams from across the world, including U.S.A., China, Taiwan and Australia competing to pitch their robots against each other. Organised in collaboration with Macquaire University, Google, Ford, AndyMark, SalesForce, Autodesk, Rockwell Automation, BAE Systems and Boeing, this robot building contest celebrates and inspires love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in children. This competition is aimed at inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting Mentor-based programs that build science, engineering, and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

The India team participants are Aakash Chauhan, Aarushi Majumdar, Adhyyan Sekhsaria, Aditya Khant, Amay Saxena, Arvind Ranganathan, Harshvardhan Raje, Krish Mehta, Kunj Dedhia, Rahesh Saraf, Raghav Ringshia, Shaurya Garg, Shrey Turakhia, Tejas Ramdas, Uchit Shriyan and Vatsin Suchak. Their mentors include Mrs Asha Sundararajan, Mr Nilesh Shah, Mr Raj Ringshia and Mr Nilay Shah.

Best Regards,
Kunal Gupta
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Anunta® Tech Inc. announces launch of EuVantage™ SaaS that enables cross domain visibility of Virtual Desktop Application Delivery Infrastructure

Anunta Tech Inc. today announced the availability of EuVantage™ ( a unique SaaS-based software appliance that, for the first time, allows IT managers to map end user experience back to the underlying virtual desktop infrastructure giving them end-to-end visibility of the application delivery stack.

EuVantage’s cross-domain dependency model gives IT managers an end user-centric view of the entire delivery infrastructure providing better insights for faster decisions. This also helps identify potential problem areas so managers can proactively isolate and resolve critical end user issues and provide smart End User Experience Management (EUEM). EuVantage’s™ adaptive analytics and easy to read intelligent dashboards automatically create associations across all the collected data to present only the relevant metrics so that operators no longer have to go through reams of data to troubleshoot, cutting down on Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR). Available as SaaS, EuVantage is simple and easy to install with pay per use pricing eliminating upfront costs and minimizing cost overruns.

Speaking on the launch, Vinod Jeyachandran, CTO, Anunta Tech Inc. said, “Virtualized environments call for new and fresh approaches to infrastructure monitoring. Current tools fall short of mapping end users all the way back to the virtual machine instance and that is precisely what EuVantage enables. With EuVantage IT managers are guaranteed a 70% reduction in MTTR, 60% reduction in alarms and 70% reduction in trouble tickets.”

Some unique technical aspects of EuVantage™ include:
  • Automated discovery of application delivery components
  • On-demand, end user-centric view of application delivery infrastructure
  • Integrated view of topology and performance
  • Adaptive analytics and smart dashboards for actionable insights
  • Ability to deploy synthetic transactions to continuously monitor end user experience

For more information contact:

Vinod Jeyachandran

Vrinda Walavalkar

Editor’s Note:
Primary research conducted by IT industry analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), determined that 66% of organizations recognize the need to improve visibility into their desktop virtualization environments and 70% of organizations indicated they would benefit from user experience metrics that directly map back to underlying infrastructure elements.
EMA notes that EuVantage™ successfully achieves the key requirements for delivering holistic visibility across enterprise application ecosystems, all the way down to the underlying hardware infrastructure. The solution exposes relationships between individual software elements, enabling informed decisions to be made on optimal configurations and environment enhancements. EMA recommends EuVantage™ to any organization seeking to optimize application performance, simplify management, and maximize the cost-effectiveness of desktop virtualization environments.
About Anunta®
Anunta® ( is a leading provider of End User Computing solutions that help enterprises address today’s application delivery challenges by migrating from traditional client-server architecture to a unified desktop and application services environment. Anunta’s ADaaS® suite of solutions uses a variety of virtualization technologies and guarantees superior business application delivery and lower IT management costs. Anunta’s SaaS-based, smart monitoring product, EuVantage™ ( helps simplify the management and delivery of applications to virtual desktops. EuVantage’s adaptive analytics and user centric topology maps ensure a 70% reduction in Mean Time to Resolve. Anunta® is a Red Herring Global 100 company and is ISO 20000 certified for ITSM and ISO 27001 for ISMS.

Jiva Ayurveda Founders feature in top businessmen list

New Delhi: Jiva Ayurveda Founders Dr Partap Chauhan and Rishi Pal Chauhan were honored amongst top 10 business personalities of Faridabad. Jiva founders were addressed so, in a recently published coffee table book - “The Tycoons of Faridabad”. The coffee table book was recently launched by Honourable Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal Khattar. Jiva Ayurveda, the leading Ayurveda treatment organization working with the mission of “taking Ayurveda to every home”. Jiva Ayurveda specializes in treating a variety of so called incurable disease like hypertension, diabetes, migraine, heart disease, asthma, obesity and more.

“The Tycoons of Faridabad” describes Jiva Ayurveda’s entire journey as how they planned to lay a foundation of Jiva to give authentic and value packed education and health to all. It features how Jiva was initiated with lot of teething troubles, their surviving against all shortages with the unshaken thought ‘not to stop until succeeding’ with all due patience, confidence and sacrifice they made in inspiring and motivating journey.

Speaking on the occasion
Rishi Pal Chauhan, MD, Jiva Ayurveda said "Today, Jiva Ayurveda is successfully appreciated and accepted by mass and class not nationally but internationally as well. Our aim is to develop peoples trust in Ayurveda - the oldest medical science in the world"

Jiva Ayurveda focuses on delivering high quality Ayurvedic treatment for chronic and lifestyle diseases such as arthritis and other joint and bone disorders, digestive ailments, diabetes, hypertension, gynecological and skin problems, which are usually incurable with modern medicine. Jiva Ayurveda today operates 49 Ayurveda clinics spanning over 12 states in India. Recently, the company has brought together a special team of doctors who will be dedicated to providing special diabetes consultation to patients at the Jiva Telemedicine Center in Faridabad. It is also the first company to introduce an Ayurvedic doctor on-call service in India for Airtel, Vodafone and Tata Docomo mobile subscribers.

Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda said "Jiva Ayurveda is providing Ayurveda support to patients suffering from chronic problems in collaboration with international institutions such as Autism society in Poland and Dr. Hagiwara in Japan, as well as in the US and Lithuania."

Jiva Ayurveda reaches out to more than 25,000 patients every month through its Telemedicine Center and Clinics. The Jiva Ayurveda Telemedicine Center, Faridabad, Haryana is a first-of-its-kind health center in the world with more than 300 Ayurvedic doctors and consultants providing telephonic consultations to patients across 1,200 cities and towns in India. The company also has network of 50 clinics in India and its own HACCP and GMP certified manufacturing facility which produces more than 600 formulations in medicines and products that are natural, safe and pure.