Friday, November 13, 2015

A Canadian Family’s Plea to Shri Narendra Modi

Surrogacy Support Group
To the Honourable Prime Minister of India
Shri Narendra Modiji
Respected Sir

We have recently learnt about the draft bill to restrict surrogacy in India only to Indian families and we wanted to share our story, which is similar to thousands of couples that turn for help in India after falling all options available to them at their home countries.

It took us 7 long years to become parents. It was emotional and financial roller coaster here in Canada. After trying everything that was offered to us here in Canada, the doctors were not able to help us or guide us  any further.  After all the time and thousands of dollars spent we were told to keep trying, but to keep in mind that it may never happen. My husband and I were heartbroken.

With some luck we heard on CNN and Oprah Winfrey about surrogacy in India and contacted the Kiran Infertility centre  in Hyderabad. We flew to India to start the process and just over a year later we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl - our Zoe was born in June 2012. We were and we will be forever grateful for Doctors/Staff/Our Surrogate mother and the general public and Government of India for making our dreams come true. We stayed in India for 6 weeks to complete the post birth process. We met wonderful people who we keep in touch with until now, we met our surrogate and her family and we happy to learn that we changed her life and the life of her family and we felt in love with India.  After coming back to Canada we shared our story with many couples that were struggling to have a baby and many of them decided to travel to India and all of them are blessed with babies by now.  This past January we were blessed with another baby - our son Nolan was born via surrogacy with help of the clinic in hyderabad in January and he is 9 months old.  We were truly happy to go back and travel around India, we met so many wonderful people and also our second surrogate and her family.  We know that the surrogate and her family life has been changed as well.

  surrogacy in India benefits both parties - parents who want nothing else than to have a baby and surrogate mother and her family, as the money received often changes her life. Many parents travel around India, like we did, throughout the process and it also helps the economy.
For many couples like us surrogacy in India was the ONLY option of becoming parents and we will be forever grateful to India and it’s people who came together to help us fill a huge void in our lives. We are proud that our children were born in India,  a country with such rich culture and heritage and one day we will return to show them where they were born. We also will tell them about both of the surrogate mothers that made it possible.

Please do not stop international surrogacy, please note that for many this is ONLY options. I only hope that couples that struggle to have a baby will be as blessed as us through surrogacy in India.

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